Branding is much more than simple graphics stringed together to represent your business. Branding brings out the spirit of your business through vibrant visual cues. It is a wide area that incorporates many of our graphic design services.

It is important to have a consistent branding strategy and use every opportunity to raise awareness of your brand. Frequency and consistency of branding go hand in hand in promoting your business or cause. People are more likely to associate your brand to your business if they can easily associate it to your branding.

Logo Design

Through our logo design we aim to encapsulate the intangible feel of your brand through a unique design that represents what your business stands for. Your logo will most likely be a central figure in your branding strategy. It is an easily recognizable mark that can be quickly associated to your business. We can create a logo for you or utilize a logo you already have in a new branding strategy.

SeizerSrtyle Designs Compact logo Ashena's Acrylic logo nathvibe logo Buy-Solar logo Buy-Solar logo Ambo Originals logo

Business Card Design

A business card is one of the most useful ways for a brand to leave an impression. In an increasingly digitally focused world business cards can serve a dual purpose of being accessible online and in hardcopy.

SeizerStyle Designs Business Card 2014 SeizerStyle Designs Business Card 2013 Hummingbird Inn Business Card Wabby's Workshop Business Card

Stationery Design

Stationery is an ideal branding tool since it is likely to reach your target audience and can represent your brand in the absence of face to face interaction. Proper branded business documents also look more professional and authentic. We can design many documents meant for print such as letterheads, envelopes and complimentary cards. We also design digital branding elements such as email signatures and newsletters.


When your business needs a sign or other large form design we can design that for you. ou can then get the digital copy ready to be printed by the company of your choice.

Internet Visuals

We create graphics for websites and visuals for social media. If you need graphics for any elrectronic project or presentation we an help.