Portfolio of Logos & Branding - Samples of logos and branding projects

nathvibe Logo

Client: Nathan Vidal
Category: Personal Brand

Job Description:
Redesign logo for personal brand. Express personality while creating a logo that would look good on light and dark backgrounds.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Ambo Originals Logo

Client: Ambo Originals
Category: Art & Collectibles

Job Description:
Design of logo for creator of original hand crafted items for sale.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop

Ponder Pocket Logo

Client: Ponder Pocket
Catogory: Community

Job Description:
Logo design for a community for sharing thoughts and ideas in a safe environment without fear of ridicule or judgement.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Hustle Forever Logo

Client: SeizerStyle Designs
Category: Concept

Job Description:
Logo design for a group embracing the duality of hustling and determined to highlight the positivity of hard work.s

Software used: Adobe Illustrator

Kish Tree View Bar & Grill Logo

Client: Kish Tree View Bar & Grill
Category: Food & Drink

Job Description:
Logo design for local restaurant bar and grill.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator