Graphic Design - Promotional material

If you need to design a document that takes up more than one page we can help. We can design book covers as well as interior pages.


Visually appealing and entertaining magazines are meant to draw attention and keep audiences engaged. They require generous use of imagery and colour with selective use of tyography.

Receipt Books

While you could just buy a generic receipt book for your business a customized recept book adds a personal touch. It reminds your customers of your business whenever they look at a receipt.

Annual Reports

Professional yet eyecatching, annual reports are intended to be informative as well as instill confidence. These business documents must be easy to read and incorporate many visual aids in addition to plain text.

User Manuals

We create user manuals for all of our web design clients and can create the same helpful documents for you. Need to provide documentation for software, a game or product? We can design it.