Web Design - Content management systems

A content management system is by far the easiest and most popular way of getting your website online. This system allows client's to focus on updating their websites without having t worry about technical design details. The theme of the website can be changed to modify it's appearance and plugins can be used to provide added functionality.

No coding necessary

One of the greatest advantages of content management systems is that you do not need to learn to write code in order to update your website. Using simple word processing interfaces, you can modify text, add images and other media then easily save it as a draft or publish it to the web.


You can change the appearance of your CMS by utilizing themes. You can also add additional functionality by adding plugins.This allows you to customize the website to fit your specific needs. Not all themes or plugins are available for free but there are many that are.

Built for teams

Content management systems are especially well suited for teams that have to collaborate or contribute to the website. User access can be managed with different users having appropriate privileges based on their role. An administrator would have full control over the system while an editor would be restricted to control over the content of the site, for example.