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Your domain name is at the heart of your online presence. SeizerStyle Designs can take the hassle out of registering a domain, renewing registrations or domain name transfers.

Managing your domain name

It is important to keep your domain name in good standing to ensure that your website remains accessible and that your domain name is not claimed by a third-party. Once you register a domain the registration must be renewed before it expires if you would like to keep the domain. Domains are typically registered for a period of one year but can also be registered for multiple years.

Benefits of letting SeizerStyle Designs manage your domain

  • No technical knowledge needed
  • No need to deal with a third party
  • No need to worry about your website going offline because you forgot to renew your domain
  • Can confiugure multiple domain names to point to the same site
Pro Tip
Use your logo Wisely

Ensure that you get the most of your branding by incorporating your logo in your branding material