Web Design - Domain name registration

The first thing your website needs to be accessible online is a name. A domain name is the address that you enter in your browser to access any website on the internet. Your domain name must be registered by purchasing it from a domain registrar and can be registered for a minimum of 1 year.

Choosing the right domain

Since the domain name will be associated with your brand and/or business it is important to select the correct one that is representative of your pursuits. It can be challenging to find a suitable domain name since many of the more generic names are already taken. We can help you find a domain that is both memorable and relevant to your needs.

Managing your domain

It is important to keep your domain name in good standing to ensure that your website remains accessible and that your domain name is not claimed by a third-party. Once you register a domain the registration must be renewed before it expires if you would like to keep the domain. Domains are typically registered for a period of one year but can also be registered for multiple years.

Let us manage your domain

The easiest way to get your website started is to let us take care of registering and renewing your domain for you. With this solution you do not have to deal with the domain registrar or any of the technical aspects of registering the domain. You will however play a major role in the selection of the domain name that is right for you.

With this option we handle all the fees of domain registration then send you an invoice so that you do not have to worry about paying an external vendor.

Manage your domain yourself

If you already have a domain name or want to register and manage your domain yourself you are free to do that as well. This option is great for clients who are technically savvy and want full control of the domain registration process. This allows you to pay for the domain yourself using your preferred payment option.