Website Updates - Regular website updates and backups

Updating your website regularly is critical to it's success. Not only must you keep your content fresh, you also have to ensure that your website is secure.

Website Maintenance

The safety and security of your website is of utmost important. You need to protect your intellectual property and you also need to protect any personal information you may collect from your visitors. As a result you need to ensure that your website is not vulnerable to attacks with regular security maintenance.

  • Regular file and database backups help you to recover from a catastrophic event
  • Security monitoring identifies potential threats to your website and suspicious activity
  • Security updates protect you from current and emerging vulnerabilities

Website Content Updates

Nobody knows your business or brand better than you. Content management systems allow you to update your website yourself. This is the ideal solution if you want complete control of your website's content and you are willing to make frequent updates.

If you would rather outsource the updating of your website so you can focus on other tasks, that's fine too. Provide SeizerStyle Designs with your content changes that you would like to have made.

Pro Tip
Be proactive

Prepare for unexpected events by ensuring that your website is up to date security wise, and that you have backups in case you need them.

Website Updates Pricing

Choose currency:

Basic Maintenance

$54 XCD $20 USD per hour

Basic security updates and backups

  • Regular backups
  • Security monitoring & updates

Premium Maintenance

$81 XCD $30 USD per hour
  • Regular backups
  • Security monitoring & updates
  • Access to Client Portal

Basic Content Updates

$67.5 XCD $25 USD per hour
  • Update website copy (provided by client)
  • Create or update graphics
  • Add or remove webpages