SeizerStyle Designs is the ideal choice for your web design and web development needs. It doesn't matter if you are starting from scratch or updating your website, we can help.

Creating a successful website is much more than simply getting the look and feel right. We design websites firstly based on clients' needs and desires, however, we also advise clients against decisions which may adversly affect accessibility to their sites. Our design strategy includes:

The Concept

Before any designing can begin the purpose of the website must be established. This is where the idea of what the website is supposed to do is born. Brainstorming and experimentation are key components of this stage of the website design process.

Your Requirements

We encourage as much input from our clients as possible. What are the goals of the website? What functionality must be included? We discuss what is required in the short term and expansion plans for the long term including website maintenance and updates.

Our Design

We first design your website using schematic drawings called wireframes to provide a visual representation of the website before any code is written. This way modifications which need to be made can be identified without much overhead.

The Development

Using our creativity, experience and knowledge we develop your website based on your requirements. We code the pages of the site so that it is fully functional.

Thorough Testing

We test our websites extensively online before they are launched to gauge its performance on the internet. This way we can get your feedback and create an end product that both you and your target audience would be satisfied with.

Official Launch

When you are satisfied with your website and it has passed our tests your website goes live where it becomes available to the public online. The official launch is usually coincides with marketing and promotional activities.

Ongoing Support

We provide different website update and maintenance plans to keep your website up to date and functional after launch. These plans are negotiated with clients based on their requirenments so that you only pay for the services you need.

We also offer staff training so that you or your staff can update the content of your website without us. We will still be available to perform any major updates you require as stipulated in your contract.