About Us - Our mission, values, history & team

SeizerStyle Designs is a freelance web design and graphic design company based in the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica.

We specialize in website and web application design and development as well as assorted graphic designs for both electronic and printed media. In an increasingly connected world our digital marketing solutions also help small businesses make the most out of various marketing avenues including social media marketing. We are not limited by geographic boundaries and embrace the convenience of electronic communication and product delivery.


To be a primary source connecting businesses and organizations in the Caribbean to their consumers using internet and computer technology.


To provide affordable design services of professional quality, embracing the idea of constant improvement.

Core Values

  • Satisfy customer needs beyond their expectations
  • Utilize technology to make practical improvements to information organization and distribution
  • Do not exploit customers - provide value worthy of price
  • Consider environmental and social impact of business decisions


SeizerStyle Designs was officially launched on June 11, 2004. It was founded by Nathan Vidal, a self-taught web designer, whose hobby naturally progressed into a business venture. After years of creating personal websites and learning how to use web and graphic design software, SeizerStyle Designs was born from the demand for affordable website designs and related services.

The name SeizerStyle is an indication of the attitude of aggressively pursuing high quality and standards. It is a derivative of the name of our founder's childhood basketball group "Seizerz". This attitude has persisted and is also reflected in our slogan Always Improving which is a constant reminder of our commitment to grow positively.