Web Design & Development Services - Building online identities

Whether you are new to web design or familiar with it, we can help you to create an effective online identity. We work with you to achieve your website goals.

Domain name registration

The first thing your website needs to be accessible online is a name. A domain name is the address that you enter in your browser to access any website on the internet. Your domain name must be registered by purchasing it from a domain registrar and can be registered for a minimum of 1 year.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting makes your website available to the public by housing it on internet servers. Web hosting is also responsible for offering email services.

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Content Management System

A content management system is by far the easiest and most popular way of getting your website online. This system allows client's to focus on updating their websites without having t worry about technical design details. The theme of the website can be chagesd to modify it's appearance and plugins can be used to provide added functionality.

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Custom websites and web apps

Custom websites and web apps are the most powerful and original websites. Built from scratch, they are tailored specifically to provide the functionality you need.

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Search Engine Optimization

Creating your website is the first challenge, next you need to direct traffic to it. Search engine optimization is a series of stps aimed at making your website discoverable using search engines.

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Web Analytics

Web analytics allow you to measure the perfomance of your website. USe collected statistics to measure your key performance indicators and ensure that your website is helping you to achieve your business goals.

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