Mock-ups & Wireframes

Designing a website is a process that requires a lot of thought and changes to get it just right. It requires feedback and modificatrion to meet your needs. A key way to visualize your website is with the use of wireframes and mock-ups.

Wireframes give you a bare bones look at the structure and layout of the website. It allows you to get a rough idea of how the user interface will look and where elements will be placed on your website.

Mock-ups are more detailed renderings of your website which resemble what the finished website would look like. Mock-ups add colour and more detail to allow you better visualize how the website would look when it is live.

Pro Tip
Test extensively

Test your website design extensively before commiting to it. Identifying necessary changes early can save you time and money.

Mock-ups & Wireframes Pricing

Choose currency:

Website Mock-up

$27 XCD $10 USD per page
  • Page structure and navigation
  • Sample content

Website Wireframe

$22 XCD $8 USD per page
  • Page structure and navigation
  • Sample UI/UX