Content Marketing - Share your expertise

People are always searching for useful content. If you are a subject matter expert you can utilize your knowledge to drive traffic to your website and social media accounts. Build a reputation for creating relevant content and this may even lead to business opportunities.

Content creation

Creating content is largely about adding value for your audience. You can do this by creating content that your audience would be interested in that falls within your expertise. Your content can also include opinions on industry related topics or business experiences. You do not necessarily have to be an expert to create great content but your content should resonate with your audience by providing knowledge, insight or entertainment that they are seeking.

Content scheduling

Creating content is the first challenge. The next step is choosing how and when to distribute your content. Content scheduling is essential to ensuring that you o not have long periods where no content is published. It is also important to establish a relationship with your audience so they know when to expect new content.

Content variation

For best results it is a good idea to vary the type of content produced. This can be done by varying your topics or varying the type of content you produce. Rich content such as video and audio complement text well. Visually appealing content usually attracts attention more than a block of text.

Pro Tip

Think long-term

Try to create evergreen content that can stand the test of time without losing relevance.