Search Engine Optimization - Ethical SEO techniques

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical part of the web design process. It helps your website become discoverable by those who are looking for the information, products, or services you provide. Proper organization and integrated marketing strategies help your website to get more relevant traffic.

Starting with SEO

The entire organization and content of your website should be done with search engine optimization in mind. Structure as well as content need to work hand in hand to get the most of your website.

No cheap tricks

SEO is not about simply using keywords or buzzwords to boost traffic to a website. SEO must be strategic as well as ethical. This means that links to and from your website should be relevant and the content that you create should add value for your target audience. SeizerStyle Designs uses industry best practices to guide SEO strategies and ensure that they are ethical and in the best interest of clients and their website visitors.

An ongoing process

SEO is a process that must go on throughout the lifetime of your website and not just in the initial design and development stage. As trends and technologies change SEO too must adapt and improve. It is always a good idea to organize your website for usability by actual people rather than attempt to appeal to search engines. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms used to rate sites but by being guided by principles of usability and accessibility your websites can remain optimized to deal with these changes.

Pro Tip

Focus on more than keywords

Keywords are a popular aspect of search engine optimization but your content should focus on your visitors rather than keywords.